When we first started fundraising for this project we introduced a variation of perks to encourage people to sponsor us. They include things like a postcard from the trip, a birthday Skype and even a tour around London in the sidecar. People bought their fair share of each, however, one limited edition perk that has sat on the shelf since the launch of the campaign was ‘Name the Sidecar.’ A £2000 perk that would give you license to name the sidecar anything under the sun… within reason.

Well, we are over the moon to announce that the Sidecar has been named Kuishi na Kuishi!

At this moment in time you are no doubt wondering what on earth that means. Yeah, we weren’t too sure either so we got the guys from Kuishi na Kuishi to clear it up for us – it turns out it’s Swahili and literally translates to ‘live and live’ and means ‘enjoy your life’. Here’s Innocence with the full explanation…

No more will we refer to the sidecar as just simply an outfit, or a scooter and sidecar but hence forth, from this day on, it will be called, ‘Kuishi na Kuishi’! We think it couldn’t be more suitable!

Who named it?

Three weeks prior to our departure we had a benefit gig with live music and a raffle amongst other things. We also did a small talk on the project, explaining why we we’re circumnavigating the globe and what perks we also had on offer. In stepped Munya Mutikani, already aware of our project he came along to learn more (not with the intention to the name the sidecar, by any means). Having listened to our speech he saw it as an opportunity to support our project and help his start up reach a global audience. He has just moved to Tanzania from the UK to launch a dream start-up by the name of, would you believe it, Kuishi na Kuishi. It’s an Agri start-up that is creating a sustainable farm which will seek to help Africa feed itself and the world. When Munya explained his plans we thought they were awesome and to have our sidecar named after such an important project gives the expedition an extra added purpose. Check out the logo on the sidecar below!


We’ll be visiting Munya and the Kuishi na Kuishi team when we reach Tanzania. In the mean time you can check out their website here. Thanks Kuishi na Kuishi and see you all soon in Tanzania!

This amazing donation from the Kuishi na Kuishi team takes us a whopping £2,000 closer to our next £20,000 milestone! Check out the pledges page and see if there are any perks you like the look of… don’t worry – they’re not all £2,000!



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