Guinness world record holders for longest journey by scooter and sidecar. First people to circumnavigate the globe by scooter and sidecar. Producers of The Armchair Adventure Festival, you can now ride a Ural with us at The Sidecar Guys Experience Centre.

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Our Ridiculous World (Trip) – The Book – Out now!

The book of Our Ridiculous World (Trip)

  • 5 continents visited
  • 35 countries visited
  • 34 k miles travelled
  • 455 days travelling
  • 1361 hours on the road

Who Are The Sidecar Guys?

We're Matt and Reece and we called ourselves 'The Sidecar Guys' because it's what everyone else seemed to call us when we returned from our around the world journey by scooter and sidecar. From 2017-2019 we circumnavigated the globe by scooter and sidecar and became the first (and only) people to ever do so on that very niche kind of vehicle. We hold the Official Guinness World Record for the longest journey by scooter and sidecar and travelled 34,000 miles, through 35 countries to get it. Our trip raised funds for lots of different anti-slavery organisations and we researched the issue en route. Since returning from the trip we've written a book about the journey called 'Our Ridiculous World (Trip).


Since returning to the UK we have spoken about our adventure at various events across the UK including festivals, corporate functions, charity fundraisers and more. We are also the hosts and founders of The Armchair Adventure Festival and most recently, we have established The Sidecar Guys Experience Centre where we will be running sidecar experience days and operating as a point of sale of Ural in the UK.

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