Our mission is to circumnavigate the globe on a scooter and sidecar raising valuable funds and awareness for the fight against modern slavery.

On route we are visiting a host of charities and NGOs fighting modern slavery to showcase the fantastic work they are doing. At the same time we’re fundraising for the below organisations and you can donate here.

UNSEEN UK – Unseen run the UK’s Modern Slavery Helpline (08000 121 700) and safe houses for victims in the South West of the UK. They’re working to free the thousands of people living in slavery in the UK.

Utopia 56 – Utopia 56 aren’t directly a modern slavery charity but they prevent it by  supporting people wrapped in the migrant crisis in Europe. Refugees are exceptionally vulnerable to being trafficked in to modern slavery.

Melissa – Melissa is an organisation supporting female refugee and migrant workers in Athens. Founded by a group of inspiring women including Click Ngwere, who escaped from slavery in Greece, it  does fantastic work in providing  vulnerable women with the tools they need to support themselves and their families.

People’s Legal Aid Centre Sudan (PLACE) – PLACE work to prevent human trafficking with in Sudan and fight to free those who are trapped. Due to restrictions on paying NGOs in Sudan it’s unlikely we will be able to get the funds to them but we will endeavour to support their important work anyway we can.

HAART Kenya – HAART Kenya run their own modern slavery hotline and work to prevent slavery in Kenya and help Kenyan nationals enslaved around the world. They have just opened their own safe house in Nairobi thanks to the support of Freedom United.

A21 South Africa – A21 are forming teams of abolitionists to warn the people of South Africa, and the world, of the risks of human trafficking. At the same time they run the South Africa Modern Slavery Helpline which has led to 62 rescues to date.

ENCA – The Environmental Network of Central America have been helping us with advice to get this project on the road since we started planning. They fight for social and environmental justice in Central America by supporting grassroot organisations throughout the region. We’ll be visiting some of these organisations on our way through.