Raising awareness of modern day slavery.

Who Are We?

Matt and Reece are childhood pals and have had a history of doing small-time stupid things for charity. However, this is the big one. The idea was born out of our moaning. Moaning at the state of the world and how unequal it was. Moaning at the story’s in the news (or the ones that weren’t). And moaning at ourselves for doing nothing about it but moan.

So we decided to do something. On a rainy day in London we trudged half way across the city to buy four whiteboards. On these whiteboards we wrote down what we thought was wrong and what we thought needed to be done. After a couple of weeks of playing with stupid ideas (including a decade of travel to every country in the world in a Flinstone’s-esque car) we decided circumnavigating the globe on a moped and sidecar would make the world a better place – so we’re doing it.