Week 25- Cairo to Cape Town – DONE

After over 12,000 miles of riding we have finally made it to Cape Town – the end of the African leg of our trip!

We have had the most incredible journey down to Cape Town. It started around 2 years ago when we began planning the trip and back then it was impossible to imagine that we would actually be able to drive such a ridiculous vehicle, such a huge distance across such inhospitable environments. On route we’ve had to deal with sub zero temperatures in Albania, to high 30’s intense desert heat in Egypt and Sudan. We’ve had two major breakdowns: the wheel bearing in the middle of the Egyptian desert and the burnt out clutch in the middle of Timkat (Ethiopia’s largest religious festival). And most challenging of all we’ve had to deal with each other for 6 months straight so it really hasn’t been all plain sailing. Despite the challenges it has been an absolutely, unbelievable journey full of so many weird and wonderful experiences. The challenging environments have given us some incredible views that have topped anything we’ve ever seen before but what’s made this trip so incredible is the people we’ve met on route. From the Ace Cafe through to Cape Town we have been greeted with nothing but smiles, an eagerness to find out what’s going on and a warm welcome. And anytime we’ve come unstuck with the vehicle, random people have come out of the woodwork to offer their help in anyway they can.

We’ve also been lucky enough to visit some brilliant organisations that are fighting modern slavery and human trafficking along the way. After kicking off the journey with raising awareness of Unseen UK, we’ve visited Utopia 56 of France, Melissa in Greece, PLACE Sudan, HAART Kenya and A21 South Africa. All of these organisations are doing their bit in one way or another to end modern slavery and human trafficking. We’ve left each organisation inspired and full of hope for the fight to free the 45.8 million people currently living in modern slavery. Hopefully as our audience grows we can do more to raise awareness of the issue and with your help we can raise more money to support these organisations.

Here’s a quick recap of the last 6 months. Thanks so much for your support and for getting us this far.

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