Week -5 Mayors, misty mornings and monks

5 weeks into the expedition and we’ve made it to Athens, our final destination in Europe! This week we’ve done our last leg from Lake Skadar in Alabnia all the way through to Athens. We kicked off the week with a couple of nights in Tirana to restock and get a chance to explore the city. From there we ventured South to the incredible Lake Ohrid and stayed with an Albanian family in Pogradec. To our huge surprise we bumped in to an American family living in this tiny Albanian town and managed to bag ourselves a proper Thanksgiving dinner!

After Pogradec we headed to Trikala in Greece. It was a 5am start and a gorgeous morning drive (but a cold one, -2°C). We had to set off bright an early as we had a meeting with the local mayor who had kindly offered to meet with us to discuss their response to the migrant crisis. He also offered to put us up for a couple of nights and show us around the city. It’s genuinely a fantastic place and well worth a visit. Especially as it’s just a short drive from the amazing Meteora pictured above.

After a couple of cracking days in Trikala we cheesed it all the way to Athens in order to get sorted for the next part of our adventure – Africa! We’ll be here for a couple of weeks while we service the bike, arrange our shipping and visit a charity fighting the trafficking of children in Greece.

Here’s the weekly round up from week 5…

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