Week 11 & 12 Sizzling Sahara roads down through Egypt and Sudan

We’re in Sudan! Sorry we skipped a week on the updates – the internet was next to non-existent as we travelled through Southern Egypt and in to Sudan. Since we last updated you we’ve racked up a whopping (for us) 1500 miles. That’s a quarter of our total distance so far… 

That’s usually because we stop, see things and chat to people, you can’t do that in most of Northern Sudan. There’s nothing there. Just a huge amount of desert. It’s an incredible place to ride through. We rode these huge stretches of hundreds of kilometres where you just see nothing but sand (and the odd camel). After a while you hit the Nile and life springs up again. The villages don’t feel like they’ve changed since the dawn of time. All you find is really friendly people happily getting on with farming.

Wild camping here felt so safe and we stumbled on some absolutely idyllic spots but this leg wasn’t without it’s challenges. We had a ruined tyre, a tug of war with a lot of sand (after dark), and sign language warnings of crocodiles outside our tent.

This week was unbelievably eventful with so many stories, check out our weekly video to see more about them!

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