Week 18 – Kilimanjaro, Hot springs and Matts signature pin drop

We kicked off week 18 at Jungle Junction where alot of overlanders in Africa pull in for a pit stop. We used it as a base to do a full service on the scooter. As we didn’t bring any spare parts with us at all, we thought we would take everything apart in Nairobi where we would be able to guarantee we could find anything we would need. All was going swimmingly until Matt managed to crack the spark plug while getting it out. No bother, that’s why we did it in Nairobi and we’ll just pop to town and grab another. It did not go to plan – two days of trawling Nairobi later and we gave up, glued up the old plug and hit the road.

But before we left Nairobi we visited the amazing HAART Kenya. We spent a morning chatting to them about the amazing work they do to support some of the 450,000 people living in slavery in Kenya. We left so inspired and will certainly be putting a blog up about their work as soon as we can.

After Nairobi the next stop was Moshi, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. We did a big drive there so we could afford to spend a couple of nights and enjoy the area. The views of the mountain were spectacular and the scenary in the foothills equally brilliant. While we were exploring the area we came across the Moshi Hot Springs – it’s incredible, go there. You have to do about an hour’s off roading (in a sidecar) but eventually you end up in paradise. The water is a lovely refreshing temperature and completely crystal clear (as shown in the ridiculous picture above), plus it’s not overcrowded and a perfect place to relax if you ever decide to climb the mountain!

While in Moshi we got in touch with our panel of expert volunteer/friends back home who advised us, once again, that we are complete idiot’s. Apparently riding on a dodgy spark plug could mean we short the electrics on the bike and even fry the ECU which would be too modern to be fixed anywhere around here. We carried on regardless and made it to through to Dar Es Salaam, here we’ll be visiting our sponsors Kuishi na Kuishi as well as being on the hunt for a solution to our Spark plug dilemma…

Check out this weeks vid below!

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