Week 19 – Tanzania & Malawi

Week 19 has come and gone and we’ve made our way through to Malawi! We started the week in Dar es Salaam with our sponsor Kuishi na kuishi. Munya (co-founder of Kuishi na Kuishi) insisted that we head to Zanzibar to start our visit – we weren’t going to decline but first we needed to sort out our spar plug issue. If you read our blog from last week you’ll remember Matt broke it whilst servicing the scooter in Nairobi, we were now on the hunt of a new spark plug with it becoming increasingly difficult find having searched high and low across all of Nairobi. We spent another few hours looking in random shops around Dar and then decided to admit defeat and look at shipping options. But thankfully, Munya had a friend flying out from the UK so we just had to get a spark plug to them… in less than 24 hours. Amazingly, a friend of ours, John, volunteered to drive the plug to Gatwick at 6am in the snow for us. What a hero – thanks John! Problem solved!

This meant we could relax on Zanzibar in style and enjoy the incredible island. If you’ve not been then go there. It’s nuts. The water is just perfect, the people amazing and it’s full of history. Paradise can’t last forever though after a few days relaxing it was time for us to go and visit the start of the Kuishi na Kuishi agri startup. They are in the process of building a pig farm which they hope to revolutionise farming in Africa with. It’s only just starting though and as a result they needed all hands on deck, including ours! We were put to work painting containers, lifting heavy things and building – who knew Matt could make such a perfect brick! It was an awesome flying visit and we cannot wait to return in a few years time when everything is well and truly up and running.

From there we left and racked up nearly 1000 miles in just 4 days. It was quite a few long wet days and we’re now slowly creeping into rainy season in Africa so we can expect plenty more of them! The views were incredible though and the roads are getting smoother and smoother which is only good news for the sidecar. We’re currently in Malawi and plan to be here for a few more nights before making our way to Zambia!

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