Week 20 & 21 – 3 countries and the ‘best boarder crossing in the world’

It’s been another busy couple of weeks as we edge closer and closer to the end of our Africa leg of the trip. We started off in Lake Malawi with a completely ruined back tyre, it’s the second time our back tyre has worn through and both have roughly done 5,000 miles. You’d think that’s pretty bad but apparently it’s quite good considering we’ve fitted a sidecar to the side of the scooter. It does mean though we’ve been left to put our spare front tyre on the bike and the front tyre is also looking more and more worn by the day. Unfortunately, it’s proving extremely difficult to just buy the right size tyre we need out here. Let’s hope it makes it to South Africa, with any luck we should able to get spares then.

It wasn’t easy leaving Lake Malawi, it’s an idyllic place, perfect for a bit of rest bite if you’ve had a couple of really long days travelling. From there though we headed to Zambia and South Luangwa national park. We’ve been looking forward to visiting South Luangwa since we touched down in Africa. It’s an awesome place to do a safari and most of the camps have open gates meaning any form of wildlife can walk in as and when they please. We found this out right away, as we turned into our camp we were greeted by an incredibly large hippo stood still in the middle of the road. We’re aware that hippos can actually be quite dangerous so we were fairly nervous at this point but fortunately he wasn’t interested in us. We spent 2 nights at South Luangwa and had the opportunity to do 2 safari drives. It was awesome, we spent the day hunting Lions, Elephants and Crocodiles. Whether it’s in South Luangwa or elsewhere taking on a safari is an experience like no other and one you’d certainly not regret!

We couldn’t stay forever though, we had to make our to Victoria falls. We’ve both unanimously agreed Victoria falls is the coolest place either of us have ever been. Naturally before going you’re aware what you are going to see and yet it still surpasses all expectations. If you ever get the chance to visit make sure you go take a look from both the Zambia and Zimbabwe side. The two are completely unique and well worth it while between the two is what we believe to be the best boarder crossing in the world. To cross into Zimbabwe at Vic falls you have to go across you must go across the ‘Victoria falls bridge’ it’s completely awesome and if all boarder crossings where as spectacular as this then we’d probably never return home!

We’re now in Zimbabwe and no more than 3 days from South Africa which is our final country in Africa. A pretty crazy thought but we’re not there yet!

Check out our latest vid below!

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